For enquiries please call Rob Kendall or Sean Chaplin: 01323 833086


Wealden AM Ltd was founded in 1993 by Robert Kendall and to this day we remain a family run business committed to providing our customers with the right skills to design, project manage and co-ordinate their projects from concept to build.

Wealden AM has developed a lot since it was first founded and we are moving with the times in both the Agricultural and Industrial sectors; finding that we are project managing and co-ordinating bigger and more complex facilities than before. Not only the buildings we build, but all the other associated works that come with “whole projects”.

It is amazing how we have developed, but the most satisfying things are the customers (many of which we have worked with and for, for so long now) and of course fundamental to everything we do. Here at Wealden AM the team are committed, skilled and enthusiastic people working together to provide the customer with everything they need for their individual projects. At Wealden AM relationships are key to what we do:

Relationships with our Customers  

Customers have always been the most important foundation of Wealden AM’s business and providing a first rate service is at the heart of what we do. As a team we are committed to giving our best to our customers by understanding, identifying and sharing their goals and objectives, which is the key to any successful project. 

Relationships with our Contractors 

We have built and maintained long standing relationships with many of our contractors. These relationships have been built on mutual trust and understanding, ensuring that together we can provide a high quality service and delivery. Many go back for a very long time! 

Relationships with our Suppliers 

Rob Kendall started his career in grain storage equipment design and supply, and the strong relationships with some of his key suppliers also go back for many years! The quality of the products we use in our projects are carefully chosen and specified to meet the unique requirements of each individual job